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Bill Cosby’s Former Lawyer Is Accused Of Misusing 1000s Of Dollars Of Her Clients’ Money

Bill Cosby’s Former Lawyer Is Accused Of Misusing 1000s Of Dollars Of Her Clients’ Money

Her so-called actions caused her become suspended.

Monique Pressley reached prominence that is public an appropriate analyst, political commentator and in the end given that lawyer for Bill Cosby as he was at the midst of their intimate attack instance. Now a couple of years later on, the lawyer was suspended indefinitely due to claims that she misused customers’ funds.

Relating to, Pressley would presumably need upfront re re re payments from consumers after which she would cash the amount of money and deposit the funds into individual records, based on documents that are legal.

The self-described strategist that is democratic whom defended Cosby after which would later on stop their group in 2016, had been suspended from exercising legislation in Washington D.C. Back August 2019. The suspension system ended up being “based on impairment” and ended up being determined after per month of research from a disciplinary counsel, whom said they introduced “ clear and convicting evidence” of her misconduct and recommended that she be disbarred.

Three of Pressley’s previous clients accused her of using retainers and quickly withdrawing the funds for individual usage without doing work that is substantial. The complaint that is first Pressley ended up being from Edwin and Paula Amaker, a few Pressley along with her spouse Carlton knew from church where they both acted as elder people.

Back September 2013, Paula hired Pressley to express her in a claim against her ex-business partner. She decided to give Pressley a higher level repayment of $5,000 plus a per hour price of $425, based on appropriate documents. Pressley told Paula she would definitely support the $5,000 in a escrow account and withdraw the income as she received it. Nevertheless, in line with the appropriate documents, Pressley didn’t have trust account when this occurs over time. The papers state that Pressley cashed the $5,000 an after receiving the check day.