25 Post Hookup Texts to forward After a Hookup

25 Post Hookup Texts to forward After a Hookup

Everyone knows the tale we think they had fun and we’d like to connect…but what to text a guy after a hookup— we had fun?

Genuinely, it is not too difficult. Express you had enjoyable, some way.

According to the connection the both of you maybe you have can clearly modify the message to suit (such as for example including interior jokes or referencing one thing you did together), however the standard should always be one thing encouraging or inviting. Provided you intend to see them once again, this is certainly. is the million-dollar concern..

Should you text some guy after having a hookup?

Yes. Don’t overthink about this. Then it makes sense to send them a text if you’ve had an amazing time with the person. Share your feelings using them and inform them you want to spend time using them once again.