10 Reasons God Really Really Loves Gay Christians

10 Reasons God Really Really Loves Gay Christians

1. The term“homosexual” did exist until 1892 n’t.

Some contemporary Bible translations say that “homosexuals” will not inherit the kingdom of Jesus, but neither the style nor the phrase for those who have exclusive same-sex attraction existed prior to the belated 19th century. As the Bible rejects lustful behavior that is same-sex that’s completely different from the condemnation of most homosexual people and relationships.

2. Intimate orientation is really a concept—one that is new the Christian tradition hasn’t addressed.

Many Christians draw on the faith’s traditions to contour their philosophy, however the idea of sexual orientation is brand brand new. Until present years, same-sex behavior was positioned in exactly the same category with gluttony or drunkenness — as a vice of extra anybody could be vulnerable to — much less the phrase of a intimate orientation.